I Told You Not To Listen Tonight Didn't I?

by Alter Der Ruine



PLEASE READ! This album is not the typical sound you would expect from Alter der Ruine. After the release of Giants From Far Away we wanted to go out exploring and see what we could write. The results were all over the place.

This album is a collection of songs that didn't make it onto the other two releases spawned from those sessions. While some of the music isn't too far off from what we do, some of it really is.

Most nights we would get together around six or seven, get wasted and write and record until we were exhausted. This went on for a few years.
The two albums that managed to make it out were Son of a Bitch and its companion album There's Always One More Son of a Bitch.

Consider this a peek into how much we smashed our heads together during this time. These were loud and rough nights that were a lot of fun but also took a lot out of us. The end result here is a jagged and unpolished capsule from that time. To hear it this way is best. If we were to shine these up it'd be a diservice to the memories.
This is late night music filtered through booze and high emotions. Fun stuff in the end. Cheers!


released February 1, 2013

Mike J, Jacob, Robert, Mike T



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sweaty Hands On A Cold Head
A fine day for an accident.
Bodies assemble behind a line.
Her voice cracked and garbled, "Please call home".
Whispers became like grains of blown sand, pricking the throat, leaving speeches better told with eyes.
A brittle wonder on a dead lawn.
Arm and arm they walk to an unmarked car, fingers like worms and they're twisting again.


Inside. Outside. Scratching upon the gravel.
You saw what we smelled and your face, it changed forever more.
What happened?
I saw it.
Did it change you?
I can never live it away...please remove the image from my mind. Oh god here it comes again.

Looping phrases in seedy intercourse.
Consummating a tale too ugly to neglect.
Spun rough on fragile focus.
Spun low for a further fathom, grilled to shards to flake for history.
Impulse through decline.

(extended chorus)
Inside. Outside. Scratching upon the gravel.
You saw what we smelled and your face, it changed forever more.
What happened?
I saw it.
Did it change you?
I can never live it away...please remove the image from my mind. Oh god here it comes again.

Sweaty hands on a cold head pulled from a barrel housing far too many friends. Pieces to put together. Why can't I leave? Because your feet won't listen to your brain. Fitting haze for a one time fluid now thicker than mud, can't shake can't grip can't change. Feathers stir as a murder settles in, calling to the container that now holds me.
Track Name: Love Song
Talk about "used tos"
I shot out so many lights that the stars were afraid to shine
But how the lady moves like a sun with arms stretched wide to ignite the world.

Tight times ahead
for such a coy threat, it's time to feed the wind, feed the blue.
Through a glass thrown free we'll find the Mark laid up in a breakdown.

We are more the same.
Got honey on our paws.
Want to share our gold. Scratch you with our claws.

Song sung for lust from a frozen bed
Signal the slide, it's time we meet again
Pushing deeper now, make a mess of it all
wet silence says we've further to fall.

So we'll wait to hear if an angel sings
if it does will we clip its wings
and start another revolution or do you desire a full stop?

Short of weightlessness there's a hole I'm drifting above,
(too) parched for words to slip out.
Doesn't matter now seeing as we've lost the bout.

Mean lover, this is the way to beat us down.

The meaning of sex falls apart as I'd hate to think of what brought us here.
How I'd rather be lost in a rhythm, one that is surely here to distract
let's talk about used tos.
We shot out so many lights that the stars were afraid to shine.
And how our bodies moved like a sun with arms stretched wide to ignite the world.
Track Name: Dispatch From The Ocean Floor
From time to time things come alive and play out like waves
in the shade where bare feet stand to keep from being burned.
With all the sand and all the tar things should have been easier.
But the waves keep on coming. They keep on coming.

Coming down on the line
I never knew, this would come
Never knew it would be the breath of ghosts
to send me away, bottom bound to sing with the sea.

Children feed seagulls not knowing I watch them from under the waves.

When it's cold I'll wait for you
When it's someone else it's always you
This depth will never show!
What I've seen you must know. What was maligned is now a ghost.
Got a jagged robe of urchins I never chose.

Bright night I'm here to stay
Sitting with quiet creatures to pass the days.
Thinking hard on the words I wish to say.
To push to the surface for the wind to blow them away.

Colder now, this year no good.
No good for swimming, in a few months we'll see. We'll see.
Got some things to shed, words and organs.
Listen to the shells for a warm "hello".
Track Name: Invasion
Can you feel? It's in the house tonight.
Figment or frame, it's all the same connoisseur.
Calm your electric skin and listen to the halls.
Like a snail on its death day, awaiting a salted fate
we tuck our heads away to wait for that final shake
From a bastard of the night
knows no other mother than the one who spat them out without a kiss.

So you know I'm of the night
Unseen by any truth left to the mind's eye
And those shivers under the moon, are they just for you?
I've felt what these hands can do.

Guiltless fingers fan for discovery.
Sparked upright
Breath seeks to escape.

Glass jaws will bray
When a phantom slips away
to destroy a morning-rise.
Track Name: Sick Maker
I've slept so many nights in the dirt
that I can call upon the earth to disguise
It's a call that's fondly made
You'll find me tomorrow but right now there's something I need to find.

Oh how I saw you in the night
You had your light on the porch
I saw you through the night
You raised your glass and smiled.

You hit me with a sick maker.
I know you hit me with a sick maker.
Ugh you're going outside
I gotta go home

Fawning through the witching hour at her
Lo, gaze upon the stems from a slip that changed my weather
Can't you see the sun has hidden?
We've got shadows, we've got problems
I've learned from that blackest bruises
that a julep, like you, can stir illusion
Might we lie for a while with the bugs and reptiles?

In the deepest dark I got to know what shakes me down
You've got to know you got a knife to my throat
By setting a tumbler of bourbon that close
a laugh could me anything.
Track Name: Grey Sisters
It was softer today
Still those grey sisters never closed
Stuck wide open in a bad vibration
The trains will pass them by, bodies in motion.
Neglecting designs of a terminal change

Red rivers poured out,
flowed once to transform into spiders legs (oh they always held the weight)
Nightside walk
hope breakfast is waiting when the ghost blows through the door
(oh, they travelled so far today)

Vertical thief
leaving detailed notes
in the least suspect of places
and like a blackbird to seed we're drawn to your words
but can never read what you wrote.

Swollen like an inner-tube
the sun takes its toll, boils wires splits a whole
it doesn't come as a friend, just comes in the end
to inflate the balloon and send it off in the wind

And the trains still pass them by
the grass grows thicker
those grey sisters didn't close, they just moved on.

The city sleeps tonight.
Tomorrow is another day.
Track Name: Glass Crash
Years back
asleep when I was young
A fever brought your face
it loved, to turn up
around town
gives these bones a jump

go for a walk
watch the cars pass
and talk to the cracks in sidewalks
never reply, just shows the way

aim for years at a bus bench,
to see you there, and you never are

It’s always the same
It’s always the same

bus stop became city blocks
found a dead dog, figured you were here
beyond my mind
making it real, but I’don’t know

There’s always another road
Paved with hair teeth and bone.

Here I go
Blowing away
From a mouth that never closes

There you are
There you are
Tucked away in the shade of our oxbows

You've been close, this close before
left an imprint I couldn't ignore
Wander the alleyways
Cornerstones beat down without a break
Traces of you are harder to find
in a glass crash with no rhyme
Shards pin all the reason sewn
to these ever winding roads

There’s always another road
Paved with hair teeth and bone.
Track Name: Bad Man's Shoes
Love the fall
you’ve seen this villain all along

When he comes
Will he come in bad mans shoes

Caught the movement
in a reflection
didn’t know what was gained
fighting for that last breath in mask of cellophane

The kids won’t play here anymore, where have they gone
Maybe they grew up and died,
At least I got you, and your violent proof
You got enough to keep me warm for ages
Say you’ll never dull it down.

Not a surprise
when you choked a hero no one cried

But I do wait for the hour you send them away
I’d never turn away

Last call, some call it’s curtains
let’s call it a funeral
got to throw some bodies out into the cold

Put 'em down, it’s sad to see you leave this way, on another note
Find an exit, find an exit, don’t linger too long, save the swan song for
another night, for another calm face pretending everything will be alright.