Something New EP

by Alter Der Ruine



B-sides from State of Ruin and a remix of the unreleased song Envy. This is the first time this EP is available outside of a limited edition run of 20 physical copies that sold out the same day they were released.


released April 10, 2007



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dawn Bringer (Old School Version)
Dawn Bringer
your fingers ran so silent through the sky puncturing the night
with a caress, inciting the romantic rape,
that perplexing courtship of the longest day.

We stood amidst the fornication
penetrating chaos that caused flight,
forced migrations from the fleeting fixed horizons
hemispheres transfixed with your might.


Dawn Bringer, I never saw your face,
When you emulated the sun, we understood,
What we'd done.
Dawn Bringer
You woke the new day.

Dawn Bringer, your muted blessing,
hung in our ears, your kiss, so sincere
Dawn Bringer
Your elongated presence
opens our eyes

Hearts fragmented with your fall,
Dawn Bringer, you bathed us in your shades
You, screamed the still hours into day
leaving us unable to nurse your frame.

We received your lust, your sunken features,
ashes on the canvas of a desolate mother,
the manifestation of her  kindness, a creature,
that wept into awakened skeletons betrayed.